Old School Consulting

Technical and business consultation to put your business on the right track.

Social Media

We do full custom social media integrations for the top networks.

AceDevs.com: Enterprise Web Development

With specializations including Python/Django and mobile development, AceDevs can build the site you want or upgrade the site you have and make sure it will run on the most economical resources available.

CMS: Content Management Systems

As seasoned web professionals, we know that anyone who wants to maintain an up-to-date online presence needs a content management system.

Ever since savvy business managers realized that having to ask a programmer to update their websites' copy was slowing them down, there have been many ways to manage website content.  If you just need to post news coverage and link to articles, we can build that for you; if you need full control over the structure and appearance of your site and its copy, we've got tools for that as well!

Whether you're looking for a splash page and a link to your Twitter account or a full-featured publishing engine, we can provide you with the solutions that will put your business on the cutting edge -- and the search engine optimization (SEO) that will keep you on everyone's radar.

eCommerce Websites

Businesses that provide products and services over the web will always require eCommerce.  Leveraging this powerful medium lets you reach your customers wherever they are, especially with the massive popularity of smartphones.

If you need a full-featured, out-of-the-box solution to get your store running ASAP, we can help!  If you have more specific needs, we can build something carefully tailored to your business that will maximize your efficiency and give your customers exactly the specific, targeted experience they expect.